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The birth of a child is a joyous event and is celebrated the world over by the giving of baby gifts.  However, finding unique baby gifts is not easy.  You want to give something that is appropriate, something to be cherished, something that will stand the test of time.  Alternatively, you may want to give a more practical gift, but still one that is special and unique.   Whether it's for a birthday or a baby shower, coming up with an original newborn gift idea, demands serious consideration. 
Have you been invited to a baby shower?  The baby shower is a party, usually given by a friend, at which the new, or prospective parents, receive gifts which will generally be of use to the newborn baby.  In essence, the point of a baby shower is to furnish the parents with items that they will need.  Originally an American tradition, it has spread to many other countries and cultures.  It may take place before or after the baby is born.  Originally, a baby shower party would be thrown only for the first-born and be attended by women only.  Today, everyone is welcome.
So, what sort if presents do friends and family give?  Personalised items are always popular.  Items such as a simple canvas bag to carry essentials, bedding, bibs and cuddly toys can all be given that personal touch by having them embroidered with the baby's name and birthday.  Or, how about a designer diaper bag; it is practical and beautiful and will really make Mom feel special.
Baby Bouncers come in a variety of styles.  Some are in the form of a bean-bag, while others are meant to be set up in a doorway, providing a harness in which the infant is supported while he bounces.  Many designs are along the lines of a free-standing frame which supports a hammock.
We all know that babies get through a lot of clothes.  A well chosen, practical item of clothing is always appreciated.  However, make it fun, funky and colourful or perhaps a designer outfit would be more appropriate.  All Moms love dressing up their babies so make it special by giving unique baby clothes.  Many of today's outfits are unisex, which makes choosing easier.  Consider items that wash easily and avoid complicated fastenings  
Cuddly toys play an important role in any child's development, satisfying the need for tactile and familiar surroundings.  Be sure that they have no removable elements that can be swallowed.  Many of today's furry animals are also machine washable - a practical consideration when buying for an infant. 
Toys that move, such as mobiles, which engage a baby's hand/eye movement, are developmentally valuable, giving him something to focus on when lying in his cot.  Similarly, there are many toys that have audio capability, which, though they may drive the parents to the edge of sanity, can give hours of pleasure to a child.  How about a recording of favourite songs, lullabies or nursery rhymes?  You could record them yourself and give your gift that personal touch.  
All parents want reassurance regarding the safety and welfare of their children.  Baby-monitors allow parents to see and/or hear that their baby is safe.  You can opt for a simple audio monitor or choose a system with video capabilities.  Some are even capable of sensing motion. 
Gift baskets that collect together an assortment of items are always popular.  There are many beautiful baby gift baskets available.  Or, if you want to make it more personal, you can choose each individual item yourself and create your own gift basket.  Include items for baby bathing, feeding items, nursery bedding, baby keepsakes and a colourful book or two.  Selecting items to specifically match the needs of who you are giving it to, does lend it that personal touch.
It is always the thoughtful gestures that make an occasion special, so think carefully about the needs of the family with whom you are celebrating, and then whatever gift you choose is sure to be a unique baby gift for that particular child.  Your gift is sure to be appreciated and cherished for years to come.
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