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It's inevitable; when you have a baby you will have to carry around a diaper bag full of all sorts of baby products.  Diaper bags hold much more than just diapers.  Since parents have to be prepared for almost any circumstance, a baby diaper bag might be used to carry diapers, wipes, powder, extra clothing, toys, bottles, medications or many other items for the parent on the go.

Just because you are purchasing a baby diaper bag, doesn't mean that you have to lose your sense of style.  While some people might not mind carrying a baby diaper bag displaying teddy bears or a cartoon character, others want a bag with style.  Many designer baby diaper bags resemble a designer handbag, but come with the functionality of a diaper bag.  Even the high fashion handbag designers such as Coach and Prada have created baby diaper bags for women that demand a higher standard in diaper bags.

When purchasing a baby diaper bag make sure of one thing; is it going to be large enough to carry around all the items that you may need in a day.  Look at the size of the compartments and make sure that they are appropriately sized for the items that you will be carrying.

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Coach Addison Diaper Bag NIB Beige Dune

Coach Addison Diaper Bag NIB Beige Dune

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