How to Organize a Baby Shower Party

So, your friend has had a baby or is expecting a baby and it is time to celebrate this wonderful event.  You now need to know how to organize a baby shower party.  Traditionally, a close friend of the mother will throw the baby shower, which is a party designed to celebrate the up and coming, or recent birth of a child and to give the mother's friends and family a chance to give gifts; usually things that will make looking after an infant easier.  Originally, a baby shower party was thrown only for the first born and was attended by women.  Today, baby showers are often thrown for subsequent children as well as for the first born and all friends and family are welcomed.
Generally, a good time for the celebration is at the weekend, mid-morning or afternoon.  The number of people you will invite is up to the individual.  Between 10 and 20 is normal, but you need to consider the size of the venue.  Baby shower party invitations must be sent out weeks in advance so that guests have time to organize and purchase their baby shower gifts.  The event usually last for two or three hours but there are no set rules.  Consider the condition of the mother.  She will probably be tired.
What goes on at a baby shower party?  Everybody may bring food to be shared, or the hostess can pay for the party or arrange for guests to share the cost.  A baby shower party would not be complete without a baby shower cake and this is often the centerpiece of the party and many different designs are available.  Or, you can be creative and make your own cake or desert, perhaps in the shape of diaper cakes, or a child’s toy or a pregnant tummy.
Traditionally, presents are opened once the food has been eaten and the baby shower party games have been played.  If you want to make your baby shower a unique event, consider setting a theme for the party, such as, a Tea Party, a Book Party or a Diaper Party.  And don't forget your baby shower party decorations. 
Games are optional but great fun and they do ensure that everyone feels involved.  Here are some that you might consider:
1.   Guess the baby's sex, weight or birth date
2.   Baby shower Bingo
3.   Guess the flavor of baby food
4.   Guess the mother's girth
Variations on this theme can include:
a)   Grandma's shower - guests bring items that will be kept at the grandparents' house, to be used when their grandchild visits, for example, a cot, spare diapers, toys, changing pad, etc.

b)   Diaper shower – this is a scaled down baby shower thrown for subsequent children.

c)   Daddy's shower – a baby shower for fathers-to-be attended by men only.
Some people like to make the baby shower a surprise party.  However, consider carefully whether this is appropriate for your friend.  Being pregnant or having just had a new baby can be a very stressful time for Moms.  It would be a real shame and a complete waste of your effort if your friend could not make it to her own baby shower party at a moment's notice. 
Hopefully, you found these ideas on how to organize a baby shower party helpful.   Whatever type of baby shower you plan to throw, make sure that the mother is the main focus – remember it's her day!
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