Nursery Decorating Ideas - Decorating a Nursery

There is so much excitement surrounding the birth of a new baby and many things need to be planned and organized in advance.  One of the most enjoyable tasks for new parents is coming up with nursery decorating ideas and then setting up and decorating a nursery. Even on a small budget, the baby's room can be one that is both functional and relaxing.
One of the first considerations when designing the nursery is your baby’s safety. Often, with trying to decide paint colors and themes, safety is almost always left on the back-burner.  However, before you start decorating, you should plan where you are going to position the crib.  Do not put it in front of windows, near electrical outlets or within your baby’s reach of any other hazard.  It will not be long before your baby is pulling him/herself up and so will have a longer reach and electrical cords, wall hangings, curtain cords and mobiles all become an entanglement hazard.  Keep quilts, comforters and pillows out of a newborn baby’s crib.  These items are a potential suffocation hazard for a newborn baby.  Use them as decorative items until your baby is older.  Quilts make lovely wall hangings and you could incorporate one into your nursery design.  If an area rug is needed for wood or tiled floors, it is a good idea to put non-slip pads under the rugs to reduce the potential of slipping. There are also reasonably priced baby safety kits that can be a worthwhile purchase.
Nursery furniture is the next most important decision. The key pieces are a crib, change table, dresser and rocking chair. One needs to think of the size of the room when shopping for baby furniture as there should be plenty of floor space if one needs to walk to comfort the baby as well as play space as the child grows. Right now, convertible furniture is very popular. The initial cost may be more, but as the child grows, there is no need to purchase different furniture. There are cribs that are able to convert from crib to toddler bed to full-size single. If space in the room is tight, it is practical to choose a dresser with a changing pad built into the top so two separate units of furniture are not needed. As well, there are often hutches or shelving that comes with dressers, which can be added to the dresser as the child ages. The article of furniture that is an absolute must is a rocking chair. Since one may spend quite a bit of time there, try a few out and find one that is comfortable.  It is a good idea to find one with arms that are wide enough to rest on when feeding the baby.
Choosing a color scheme for the room is also a big decision. Whether it is a boy or a girl, a neutral color scheme is much more flexible than using bold colors.  By picking a neutral paint color, it allows you to easily change the feel of the room by introducing bolder colored accents with curtains, blinds, rugs, pictures and nursery bedding.  With bedding, choose fabrics that compliment the wood of your crib as well as the paint of the walls.  Good quality fabrics, although a little more expensive initially, are usually a better investment as they will stand up better to the constant washing they will get.  Keeping your nursery decorating ideas non-themed will help the design to age with your child and therefore cut down on future re-decorating costs. 
Decorating a nursery is great fun and if you take a little time to plan the room to ensure your baby’s safety; to ensure that you have everything you need close at hand; to ensure that you have sufficient storage, then you will have created a baby’s room that is practical for you and relaxing for your baby.
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