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With today’s technology, many children have abandoned physical play and opted for playing video games or computer games.  To combat this obsession with video games and to promote physical exercise, it's important to allow your child to have a lot of active play early on in life.  Encouraging your child to use activity gyms in early life will help to promote physical exercise and physical activity later on in life, which will help your child to achieve good overall health.

For babies, a baby activity gym is the perfect way for your child to gently exercise and at the same time your child will be enjoying him/herself.   A baby gym or play gym not only teaches the child to begin to be active at a young age, but they can learn a tremendous amount from this play.  Touching objects that might be hanging over the baby as they play on the floor teaches the baby about shapes, textures and movements.  This greatly helps to develop a child's motor skills from a very young age and will be of benefit throughout their lives. 

Many of the more popular play gyms on the market today include items such as, shapes, rattles, balls, objects, lights and buttons that make a noise and even objects that play music when touched.  Activity gyms are great fun for the child and at the same time provides a fantastic learning experience.  An activity gym makes a wonderful gift for a new mother.

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