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It is no surprise that baby boys like to play differently than baby girls (this is especially noticeable as they get older) and therefore it is necessary to give them different types of toys, i.e. baby boy toys.  While girls play a little more passively than boys, boys like to play rough and are more aggressive in their play.  Baby toy manufacturers know this and have designed toys, especially toddler boy toys, specifically for boys to allow them to explore and experiment.

Cool toys for boys are those that the baby can interact with. Stuffed toys are very popular but think about buying a stuff toy with some extra features.  Consider a toy that makes noise when touched, has lights or other sounds that a baby boy can actively play with. 

Always consider safety when purchasing baby boy toys and make sure that you buy a toy appropriate to the age of the baby.  These toys have been tested for the age groups mentioned and this will ensure that the baby toy that you do buy will be safe for the child. 

Lastly, don't be afraid to choose toys of varied colors.  Everyone always gravitates toward a blue toy for a baby boy, but this is not a rule that is set in stone. Be creative and choose colorful baby boy toys.

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