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Creating the perfect baby nursery decor for a baby’s nursery is important to many new parents.  Therefore, nursery décor gifts are always very welcome. Color and theme play the most important part when decorating a nursery and often preparations for such an event happen many months before the birth of the baby. 

If you are purchasing a nursery decor gift for someone, be sure to find out beforehand the exact theme that the nursery is decorated in so that you can purchase a gift that complements that theme.

Some parents choose only to decorate a nursery in specific colors, while others choose an actual theme for the room.  Some of the more popular themes are Winnie the Pooh, Noah's Ark, and ABC's.  If you have chosen to purchase a nursery decor gift, consider such items as bedding, pictures, and mobiles to put above the crib, lamps, clocks, picture frames or even bookends. 

Items for the nursery that has the child's name on it are always appreciated and there are many items to choose from.  Other more personal gifts include a framed baby name poem, piggy bank to begin saving for the baby’s future or a picture of special significance to the parents.  These items can be included in the baby nursery decorating scheme and would make lovely nursery décor gifts.

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